My name is Alex Pileggi. I was born and raised in Addis Abeba, Ethiopia. I currenty reside in Maryland, where i work for the US Postal Serive as a General Expediter.

I came to the US mid 2003 after my High School graduation. I came here for a better quality of life, better education and the pursuit of happiness.

I am passionate about helping others especially, the less fortunate and orphaned kids. In my spare time, i try to help these individuals by volunteering at non-profit organizations.

A few of my personal interests are art, soccer, going to the range, taking roadtrips, watching cat vidoes and learning to code.
I also enjoy DIY projects. Over the past few years, i have come to enjoy learning about things like fixing common car issues and home improvement projects.

Aside for my love of anything computer related, my interest in DIY projects and solving problems is part of the reason why i am pursuing coding.
I look forward to attending Holberton School to become a Full-Stack Software Engineer.